Street Fashion Scans

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rules & such

•You are allowed one picture above the lj-cut. If that picture is over 500 pixels in height or in width, I will have to ask you to edit your post.

•This community is primarily for scans of the FRUiTS book/magazine and of other Japanese fashion magazines. You may also post scans of fashion you see related.

•Please don't post anything other than stated above. No pictures of your self please, that can stay in the FRUiTS community.

•Credit scanners when they ask for it.

•Tags are awesome! Feel free to use them!

•Be polite to each other. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. ♥

Failure to comply with the rules will result in a warning, deletion of a post, and/or banning.

contact & credit

If you have a question or suggestion regarding the community (websites to buy magazines, a new community that is somewhat relevant, other street fashion websites, unsure of the rules, etc.), please feel free to message me via PM or e-mail!

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